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You go to work Monday to Friday stay there from 9 am to 5 pm. Every day you put in the hours to make a living. But at the back of your mind you know there’s something wrong. You have a steady paycheck, a mortgage and a young family to raise. You know you’re supposed to be happy, you have a job, not everybody has one. You have a loving wife that completes you. A kid that brings joy to your life. All is well or at least that is what you’re saying to your self.

Your salary was good but that was until you got married. Life as a single guy was good nothing to worry about but yourself. But now that you’re married things have changed. You have a wife to look after and a kid to support and what you are making right now is just getting you by…barely. You know for a fact that it’s been years since your last raise and you highly doubt it that the company your working for will ever going to raise its employee’s salary.

You wanted the best for your family. You promised your wife you will give her the best life you could give and the one right now just won’t do. Living in a two-bedroom rented apartment. Commuting an hour to get to work. Living paycheck to paycheck. You’re not even sure what will happen to you guys if ever you lose your job. And that is just half of your problems. We are not yet talking about the growing expenses of raising a child let alone his future education. You know you have to do something about this…anything but what? You’re willing to take the steps needed but you don’t know where to start. Traditional business is out of the question since you don’t have hundreds of thousands to shell out, heck you can’t even afford a down payment for a house let alone start a business.

Well, my friend, I think I may have an answer to your problem. You have two options, either reduce your expenses or increase your income, in one form or the other. For me reducing your expenses is not really helpful and you will only end up miserable, increasing one’s income is the better solution. there are two forms of income that you can do first is active income and passive income. The perfect example of active income is your job. The problem with it is it is limited. On the other hand, passive income done right is limitless. So what are these passive creating ways I am talking about?

  1. Blogging
  2. Ebook publishing
  3. Vlogging
  4. Podcasting
  5. Online course making
  6. Mobile application
  7. membership site
  8. Stock photos
  9. Niche websites
  10. Stock investing
  11. Mutual fund investing

Feel free to check out each way that I have mentioned above and take them into deep consideration.

You will notice that all of the above are

  1. Done online
  2. easy to get into
  3. Needs no technical background
  4. Can be done anywhere at anytime
  5. Does not need you to put in thousands of dollars of upfront capital
  6.  Can be scaled, meaning you can do more than what you can physically do unlike in a job
  7. Ultimately provides what we are all dreaming of…freedeom freedom from

You will, however, need to have a clear mindset when getting into any of the above

  1. This is not a get rich quick scheme
  2. You will need to work hard on this
  3. You will need to put in the time, the good thing though is you can do this on your part-time.
  4. When I said, you do not need thousands of dollars, it does not mean its free, you will still need some start-up capital
  5. This is a legit online business.
  6. You have to provide value to other people
  7. Dedication is a must
  8. You will have to go way beyond your comfort zone
  9. You must be willing to learn new skills
  10. Patience is necessary especially when starting out


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Get your Earn passive income online action plan ebook FREE!
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