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            12 reasons why blogging is good for you


It is the rave of social media, blogging, nowadays you could hear it on podcasts, on YouTube, in search engines. But why exactly blogging is good for you will be discussed in this post

A blog is a web page people which is primarily used to reach out to other people to preach about their message whether about personal growth, personal finance, to educate people about a certain subject, sports, to promote their services the possibilities are endless

Although most people will say get into blogging to promote your product, promote your skills or make a ton of money through affiliate marketing. One of the best reason is still on the personal growth aspect One author I have read about said that you grow together with your blog and that your blog is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. I could never agree more.

12 reasons why blogging is good for you


1. It forces you to develop your writing skills

blogging involves communicating with other people. And it’s primary format is written. You as a newbie blogger will have to realize early on that you have to develop your writing skills. And you can only do that through practice

A steady dedicated repetitive effort is required.

Sounds hard huh, it is! although its hard it has its own rewards.

Good writing skills have its own benefits some of which is you can use it on writing

2.publishing blog post whether freelance or for personal use

3.ebook publishing etc

which you can use for the rest of your life.


2.   Improves your critical thinking

there is a lot of stuff you have to learn when you get into blogging

1.basics of WordPress

2.content writing and planning

3.SEO and networking

all of which are important and you have to develop critical thinking in managing all of these. And this is where most newbie bloggers stop when they realize how much stuff has to learn after a few months into blogging.


 3. You will have a purpose driven life

If and when you do get a following who listen to what you say and read your post. You begin to have a responsibility to these people after all these people look after your advice and follow. You then wake up each morning with a feeling that you have a purpose and that you have a role in other people’s lives to fulfil.



4. You will develop good habits

Blogging, in the long run, develops your character, you develop good habits such as



3.hard work


5. goal setting

each of which is vital if you really want to do this for the years to come.

5. You will get to know like-minded people

If you know somebody who has been blogging for some time now, you will hear them say, I have realised I need to join facebook groups and forums and have a chat with the members. It is here where you get to know people who share a common goal and understand what each is going through and support one another.


6. You will become an inspiration for others

when you already have a steady fan base. People will look up to you and think of you as their inspiration that if you were able to do make it big so can they.

blogging is good for you

7. You will learn new knowledge

you need to learn a lot of stuff and let me say that you will really have to go out of your comfort zone when it comes to blogging. WordPress basics, a bit of coding photo editing is just to name a few


8. You will learn to build your own network

posting quality blog post attracts people and these people will connect with you. And some will comment and ask for your expert advice and you will answer. Some will share their expert advice as well. And through this process of interaction, networks, are built

9.possibilities for a career change is limitless

Just think, learning to code programs like HTML or skills like photo editing or developing your writing skills could open up doors for you as a freelance programmer, developer, or even a writer, careers which you would never have been able to get into had you not get into blogging

10. You will learn to manage your time well.

There’s so much to do with so little time and the best way to approach this is through time management and prioritization. You begin to ask your self about which of the steps that I am going to do today will yield the most result.


11. You get to help other people with their problems

Blogging is all about solving other peoples problem. You provide people value that either take away or lessen their frustration or add something they badly needed. It’s the only way you could establish a following,

12. You will develop a sense of self-importance

Having a blog that hundreds even thousands of people look forward to reading, gives you a sense that you mean something to someone. Somewhere out there is a person that sought your advice and what better way to feel that you’re important than the feeling that you are needed?


In conclusion, this is just a few of the many reasons why you should try out blogging . You will never know until you have tried Who knows you might just be the next big thing on a particular subject. If you would like to know more on why you should get into blogging check out the minimalist



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12 reasons why blogging is good for you

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