5 Online Marketing Mistakes! Don’t be the Next Victim




It is a fact that at times, even seasoned online marketers fail to get desired results out of their campaigns. This is mainly due to some common online marketing mistakes, which should be avoided to ensure a successful online marketing campaign. Discussed below are some of these online marketing mistakes.

No Clear Goals

This is one of the most common mistakes committed by almost every digital marketer. Most of the marketers possess no such things as strategy or goals before actually starting a campaign. In the words of Justin Honaman, vice president of Moxie “Without measurable objectives, it is challenging to measure ROI or net benefit of a campaign on product/service sales, sentiment or engagement,” hence it is necessary to define particular objectives and enhance the chances of success.

Fails to Target Right Audience

If a well-written content is added to a website, it will make no difference at all until it is read by the right audience. The task is not to just convey the message; rather the basic purpose of the online marketing is to target the right audience. Since every channel used for online communication is overcrowded; therefore, it requires much effort and investment to get your voice heard among so much noise. Hence, failing to reach the right audience, is considered as the most common online marketing mistakes

Not using Customer-Centric Mindset

The basic purpose of marketing is to entice, convert, engage and retain customers. This is the biggest online marketing mistake where a particular business or organisations fail to follow a customer-centric mindset and therefore it is bound to remain way behind while competing with the rivals. It is due to targeting, personalization, data analysis, and journey mapping that customised brand experience are delivered by the brands, these days. This enhances the value of their customers, which come back to them at regular intervals.

Incorrect Personalization

When someone plans to shop for a particular gift for a male family member or friend, he/she is bombarded with marketing tactics for the male persona. This online marketing mistake may be avoided by employing insights technology. This would make it simple for the marketers to properly identify the ideal product and offer such customers some engaging products, which are irresistible to be purchased in near future.

Underestimating Mobile

Mobile is gaining a dominant position as a digital platform, which is used by 62 percent of the total online customers. Mobile phone apps take the 50% share of the total interactions made by the consumers. So, before starting an online marketing campaign, you should update your website to make it compatible with almost all mobiles.



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