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lies they taught us in school




All our school lives we were told to obey and follow rules and beliefs imposed by the authority figures in our education system. But have you ever asked yourself? Does this stuff that our so-called authorities figures do ever work in our current times? They keep on shoving our throat habits and beliefs that sometimes does not make sense anymore. And honestly of little or small value and use in the real world. It’s not that I have something against these people, as a matter of fact, I consider my high school teachers to be my second parents. But I do however find things in our society that I disagree. So here are the 6 lies they teach us in schools

1. We should follow our teachers, parents and all figures of authority without question.

It’s not that I am against authority, Let me be clear with that. But I do however is against following without ever bother questioning part. In schools, they have taught us to respect and follow people who are in a position of authority, regardless if you think it’s right or wrong. We should learn to question everything and not just take everything just because it has been the way things were. Elders and other figures of authorities should provide wisdom not a fixed set of rules that need to be followed. Just because they said so does not mean it is set into stone already. The world is evolving what works before does not work anymore.

2. Having a degree is the only key to success

Have you ever had the feeling that when you are in school, your world revolves around one particular goal and that is to have a degree? You do your homework or else you won’t get good grades. And if you don’t get good grades you will not graduate. And when you don’t graduate you won’t get a degree. Everything revolves around this, get a degree or else you will end up as a bum. Well, that may be true 10 or 20 years ago before the advent of the internet. But thanks to modern technology and the advancement in the world wide web, things have drastically changed. The poor but determined now has a fighting chance to make it big and have a name for himself. Due to many passive income means that have sprouted around because of the internet., it is now easier to become rich. A testament that having a degree is now just an option.

3. Go for security

Early on in our lives, we were trained to get a degree and then get a job. We were groomed be excellent followers and servers. Be an engineer and then what?. Apply for multinational companies and serve them all your life. Be a nurse and apply for a medical job overseas. Get a degree in education and apply for private schools. You get excellent grades because you will show this to your future employers to prove that you will be a great asset. The Chinese on the other hand never do this. Early in their lives, they were taught to take a calculated risk and strike it on their own. They have learned to take control of their financial life. So If they can to do it why can’t we?. How many of your teachers told you to set up your own company or business?. Few if any because they themselves are employees and have an employee mindset.


4. Having a high paying job is the end game.

Get a job, work hard and climb the corporate ladder. That pretty many sums up the plan being sold to us in school. But what they did not prepare us for is when things don’t go as planned. What if the dream job that you have been preparing for all your life was not really for you? What if the economy goes for the downturn and you get laid off then what?. After you graduate you are on your own, nobody will tell you what’s right or wrong and you are left to fend for yourself. School life and the real world is light years apart. And no any form of schooling can prepare for the life that waits for you after 4-5 years in college.
5. Your grades are a direct reflection of your skills, capabilities and future worth

Back when we were in high school the students that get straight A’s often are called smart and talented. And often regarded to be the ones with the best chance of success. While students who are below average in academic are often called dumb and the chances of him making it big are slim or next to none. The belief that the more academic knowledge you have the better chance you have of making more money was taught to us in school. We were made to believe that you can already predict a person’s chances of success on how high his/her grades report. That may be partially true however academic report cards never mention the person’s character, his emotional strength, his creative genius, his artistry, his social skills. All the other stuff that you could not simply quantify. And all of which is a necessary ingredient to success. What if the kid is weak on math but is already good at computers at a young age. What if the student has low grades in calculus but is very good at marketing and selling stuff?. What about Steve job, he did not have good grades but he was able to co-found one of the most successful companies in the world. What about Mark Zuckerberg he got only to 2nd year in college but he has more money than most if people with a very high grade.


There are a lot more beliefs and mindset that I have left out and chose only those that I think has a major impact on our youth. Feel free to leave a comment below and if you liked this post subscribe to my website


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6 lies they teach us in schools

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