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coming up with a domain name

As a budding blogger picking a domain name is the next step after picking a niche to blog. This may sound like a small thing but in reality, this step is crucial. Your domain name is what people will use to recall your blog. And a key in blogging is to stand out as much as you can. Your domain name is your brand name it is what will set you apart from the rest. This is what people will remember for years to come. You want it to be a fit to the image of your blog you want to project and easily marketable.

1. Keep it simple

Avoid jargons and slang because it will confuse readers who will read through your blog. You want it to be easily typed as possible. Don’t use words like bae, down low, low key, FOMO,JOMO because not everybody knows things slang word and will add confusion to the readers.

2. Make it relevant to your niche

You want a name that people will relate to your niche. If your blog is all about basketball you want it related to basketball. Name it like hoop junkie, master the stroke, Stat addict or out of If it is about fashion name it like barbie’s apparel, GlamourHQ,Stopshoppe.

3. Use keywords

Use the power of keywords, do some keywords research using free online keyword tools. Find out which keywords are ranking high on google. Then use this keyword when naming your site to get rankings on Google search. There are a number of free online keyword tools Jaaxy, Ubersuggest, SEMrush

4. Avoid numbers and special character

Again the main reason is to avoid confusion and misspellings. Numbers are easily misunderstood, especially when you tell people about your blog verbally. Numbers are open to different interpretations if for example, your site is www.avenue-36. People could type avenue thirty-six or avenue36, People will be left confused and worst will just forget about your site all together just because there is a hassle typing your domain name.

5. Make it catchy

Try to make it as memorable as possible, think Instagram, or Shopify. When you come up with a catchy name share it with a friend and get some suggestion and opinions whether it makes sense or not.

6. Reflects your blog’s purpose

Your domain name should be intuitive. It has to reflect what your blog is all about so that readers could get a grasp of what they are getting into. The more the domain reflects the purpose of the blog the better people will be enticed to read through your content.

7. Use online tools

Make use of online tools for naming your site like lean domain search,, Wordroid, namestation are just a few examples. These tools will provide you with lots of options to choose from. Best of all? they are free!

8. Try a different language

Try your prospect name in different languages, you may never know what you could come up with, google translate will be a useful tool


When all else fails you could always just outsource it(let somebody else do it).My favourite outsourcing platform is is also up work, but I recommend up work because the project cost is already pre-calculated. Here you do not only outsource domain naming, but also your content creation and graphic designing and software programming.

Coming up with a domain name is an important task, not to be taken lightly. But just following some advice I mention above and I think you will do just fine. Like they say the first impression lasts. and your domain name is the first thing that people will encounter when they visit your site

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9 ways in coming up with a domain name

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