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Hi, I am Joseph owner of this website earn passive income online.

I built this website because I believe and promote affiliate marketing as a viable source of passive income if done properly.

And I want to share this with everybody who is interested in creating their own source of passive income,

My goals are


  1. To educate people about the in and outs of affiliate marketing
  2. To inspire people, affiliate marketing is just like any other business, it has its own ups and downs and a little goes a long way
  3. To update people, online marketing is ever changing what works 5 years ago will not work like it used to be and the key to success is adaptability to changes

This blogs for people who …


may it be a fresh graduate who does not exactly what he wants to do with his life after college,

or the sick with his job and his salary office staff but don’t know what to do about it

or the single moms who want the best for their kids

or the near retirement guy who still wants to do something after retirement

if your any of this people,  the blog’s for you!

Now little something about me



Everybody thought my job is cool except me


My day job is working as a cook onboard cargo ship travelling worldwide and I have been doing this for more than a decade now.

People say it’s cool you get to see the world for free, you get to meet all sorts of people.

Your living the adventure man! I just simply smile a bit and keep quiet.

What people don’t see is the ugly side of my job that most people don’t talk about.

The homesickness

the long hours,

physically demanding job

The mental stress.

And like most people, I feel like” I am overworked and underpaid too“.


 My job won’t just cut it


I have been doing this for so long I beginning to think my life is getting nowhere.

It seems to me I am always at breakeven.

Every year prices go up but my salary doesn’t.

I am afraid  my income won’t be enough to provide the quality of life I have hope for

I have dreams big dreams but I now realized that

My job is not enough for me to get to where I want to be.

Something has to be done I just don’t know what to do and how to do it yet!


I was walking in the mall together with my wife, and I saw this beautiful diamond ring.

I said to my  wife God I wish I could buy you this ring

and she just smiled knowing I couldn’t afford it.

Then I said wouldn’t it be cool if I have another source of income?

something I could do part-time,

something I can spend a few hours each day,

and I want it to be passively earning.

 Then she said yeah it would be nice but how? Then I said I don’t know too.


Research, research, research


So I decided to do my own research, first I looked into investment options,

but the best options I have is either through stocks or mutual funds.

Its good but  I don’t have 100 dollars each month to invest for the next 15-30 years so that option is out.

I thought of going online I could find the answer I was looking for..maybe


So I thought of going online maybe just maybe I could find something that I could do.

Then I stumble upon this ad this guy is promoting on facebook ,

So I bought his book and CD. I really  thought this is the solution to my problem

but then I read his book all it really did is teach

an introductory information about online marketing the basic stuff really

which I found later you can get for FREE from other

online marketers.


So  I ditched him and looked somewhere else …


Of all the stuff he wrote in his book one thing caught my attention…

affiliate marketing


So  I dig up some more about it


I liked the concept of blogging and the affiliate marketing business model

I did  found some good affiliate program but the one I found cost $197  upfront payment

and a monthly subscription of $67  hmm a bit pricey for me so looked for an alternative

I needed something good as well but won’t burn a hole in my pocket

And I did check out my review of the affiliate program that I am using for the moment


Still in the learning phase but doing something at the same time


I am still in the learning process but decided to apply what I learned.

You see, You won’t really learn until you do the actual work

Everyday day I make it a point to do something  that will push me forward

No matter how tired I am after a day’s work I set aside time for my blog

Either I am working on my post’s draft or researching

I continuously learn. I did not stop learning only from my program

I searched for other materials from another website as well


Of all the stuff I have learned so far the most important is…


So far of all the things I have learned one thing I realized

to make blogging as a viable source of income is…

I have to start thinking  like a problem solver


Supply and demand


It’s as simple as that if there’s a problem people need help of

provide the solution and people will pay you for it!

Make sure get  to into something people are willing to pay for it


Think about it! what’s the use getting into the trouble

of setting up a blog , stuffing it with content, promoting it through social media


it’s a total waste of time and money!



Blogging is a journey and your free to join me


I still a long way to go, lots of stuff to learn, dozens of posts to write

but I’m willing to make the sacrifices because I have a VISION

that a year or two from now I will reap the fruits of my labour that is

Having a blog that people sought after and is generating passive income

Which is a lot better than doing nothing, feeling helpless and blaming

everyone else but me! I got rid of my limiting beliefs that’s weighing me down

I stopped thinking like a victim

took the proactive approach

I started to think long term, I’m in this for the long run

I stopped doubting myself

I stopped procrastinating

I stopped feeling hopeless

Best of all I started doing things NOW!


Journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step


 You may say affiliate marketing is not for you

That you know nothing about computers and coding and writing

That you’re afraid of stepping out and getting in front of people

That you don’t have the money

That you don’t have the time

But how will you know if you don’t even try? take that first step, my friend

nothing happens if you don’t do something with your life

Sometimes the only thing holding you back is YOU!

You are free to join me if you like, and for

once take charge of your life



It’s not going to be easy…


The journey will not be easy, you will have to make sacrifices

but anything worthwhile takes time and effort

anything short of that is worthless …


.If you want to reach me at Wealthy Affiliate send me an email

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