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So you have a website and you have a following what now?Well if you want to monetize your site, apply for affiliate programs.Just go over the internet and you will find a lot of affiliate programs.There are literary hundreds to choose from. Just be careful when your choosing.Do your due diligence and make a research. There maybe a lot of them but only a handful of them is the real deal the rest is just crap.

It is free to join an affiliate program but some of the good ones in my experience are tough to get in.I should know I have been rejected more than a couple of times myself.But don’t let that stop you, rejection is part of the process of growing as a marketer


Affiliate marketing done right could have unlimited potential.It is one of its main traits that got me into to this business.And when you have built a strong foundation of followers.You can earn with less effort compared to when you are starting out.Best of all it can be done anywhere, anytime!All you really need is a good internet connection, the faster the better.Bring in your creativity juice.And of course, never forget your burning desire to make it big.

Here are the list of affiliate networks

  1. Wealthy Affiliate -if you don’t know a thing about online marketing but is interested I highly recommend that you visit my personal review of WA click on this link, visit now!
  2. CJ Publishing-formerly known as Commission Junction, one of the more traditional affiliate network there is on the market click on the link to visit the site,
  3. Shareasale-Very user-friendly, you will have to wait for a day for approval Click on the link to visit the site
  4. Adscend media-click on the link to visit the site 
  5. Peerfly-click on the link to visit the site


There are advertising networks where you can sign up you website and these network will pay you on per click system

  1. Bidvertiser-this one easy to get on the link to visit the site
  2. Infolink-this requires a more stable website click on the link to visit the site,visit the site
  3. Google Adsense-This one is the hardest as AdSense have become more strict on their evaluation,.But it is, however, the most popular.Click on the link to visit the site
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