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audience persona


I know you want to attract as many people as you can to your blog. Everyone does, but being too vague will get you nowhere. That’s where audience persona comes into play. Creating an audience persona is an invaluable tool that serves as a guide for you content plan and your email marketing.


Audience persona or marketing persona as others would call it is a fictional profile of your ideal customer. It is a composite of traits and characteristics of people who would most probably engage with your content.

So what can you use an audience persona for?

 you can use audience person for 

1. Brainstorming ideas for content

2. Writing headlines

3. Crafting blog post opener subject lines

5. Product creation

6. Product marketing

as you can see your audience persona serves as your point of perspective, almost everything that you do to your blog is catered to your audience persona. Which is easier than trying to serve a nameless, vague entity that you have no idea on how you will engage with.

2 options in making your audience persona

1. Ask your followers.

If you have a blog or social media profile with a steady following you could do


what better way to get a better understanding of your audience that to ask them what they like.

Survey your followers on what post engages them the most

What product they like to be made

What subject matter they like more to be elaborated? etc

b feedback

Ask for a feedback at the end of your blog post. Read what your followers have to say!


Never take comments for granted, this is a gold nugget of insights to what you followers sentiment which you can use in developing you audience person


Google analytic data provide insight on the demographics of you audience.

2.Make educated guesses

If you are only starting out and have no following you could start with making educated guesses on what might be your ideal audience

Step 1 Fill in the blanks

start with the basic demographics

  • name
  • age
  • gender
  • education
  • location
  • occupation
  • marital status

aside from the basic demographics, you should also determine his/her

  • Goal
  • motivation
  • hobbies and interests
  • values
  • fear

Now Let’s dissect each component of each part of the audience persona outline


age is a factor especially when mapping you marketing plan as each age bracket has a social media preferences

Instagram is ideal for age bracket 22 yrs old and below

Facebook is ideal for age bracket 23-50

LinkedIn is ideal for age bracket 50-64

as you can see with the data above, you have to tailor made you social media marketing plan based on age, or else a wrong platform with render you campaign ineffective.

If you know already that you audience is around 25-40 yrs old, maybe Instagram marketing is not a good fit considering that Instagram has a customer age range of 22 years old and below


if you audience persona is women, you may to consider using pinterest as you media platform as pinterest customer base comprises mostly of women.


the higher the education attainment implies higher the rank in his/her job. The higher the rank more disposable income!


Location is important because not all places have people with the same income level, one area will have higher income level than other therefore have a more disposable income to spend. So choose your target area wisely.

This is especially applicable when you a local business and you want to target people in a specific region or area

For example, your product is ideal for cold weather climate, do you really think selling your product to a tropical country will make any sale? i highly doubt it.


Some products are better suited for a person with a certain type of job or field of job. A certain product will do well to a professional having a job on the field of an engineer while it maybe useless to a person on the field of literature.

Depending on your price range of your product it is wise to pick an audience who can afford your product.

Pick an audience with disposable income, that’s where occupation comes into play.

Pick an audience whose profession has a salary range that can afford your product. What’s the use of having thousands of followers when they can’t afford your product.

Marital status

Certain product are ideal for a single person while other product will sell well to married people. Like for example if your products are diapers and other baby related products. Do you think this product will sell to single people? Probably not. This product is suited for married people.

Another factor to consider when choosing between married and single status for your persona is

Single people have more disposable income than married people but don’t have much motivation to buy stuff other than for themselves, while married people may not have much disposable income but have the motivation to buy your product for their loved one’s.

2. Get intimate

After doing the basic demographics, let’s dive deeper into the psychology of your audience persona


What do your audience dream and hope for?

Do they want to be rich?

Do they want to travel?

do they want to be financially free?

Provide good life for their loved one’s





What are their biggest frustration?

Are they not happy with their work?

what do they want to lessen their stress from the office

Do they feel unappreciated?

Do they feel their life is a failure?

Do they want to change something in their life?

Do they want to make their?

When you are only starting out you can fill this out this with educated guesses. When you are able to gather actual data from real people you could replace and edit this as you go along.

3. Get into the minute details

Make your audience persona as humanly as possible,

Don’t stop at pain point, dive deeper, write down

What blogs they follow

what TV show they watch

what is their favorite brands of product

how many pairs of shoes they wear

where do they hang out every week ends and off working hours


This may  seem like non important stuff and borderline creepy. But this what make your persona human. This what makes your persona relatable. The more you know about your audience the better your interaction will be. The better you taylor your products and your blog in general.

Remember what you want is to build a bond between your audience and your brand.

Your audience persona is not just a compilation of traits and characteristics of people you are trying to attract. It is a central guiding figure that your blog revolves around. It affects your way of thinking and decision making which plays a big role in driving your blog forward. Therefore having a good persona could either make your blog or break it. Take time in making one and choose wisely.

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Audience persona your blog’s bff

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