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blogging mistakes to avoid

11 Blogging mistakes to avoid

So you have made your research and decided to enter blogging. Congratulations you have taken the first step into taking charge of your life. The journey to blogging success will be long and hard. You will need all the help you can get. So let me share with you some bits of wisdom on what to avoid.

1. Focused too much on money-making.

I get it, you got in to make money, so do everyone else. But please before anything else, focus first on solving people’s problem. Believe me, this is the fastest way to make money. Solve people’s problem first and they will gladly give you their money. Focus too much on the money will only ensure failure. You don’t want to be perceived as a sleazy salesman.


Plagiarizing either intentionally or unintentionally is a complete no-no. Google is very strict when it comes to publishing duplicate content. Google wants relevant, unique content. Try your best to make your own spin on a particular subject. If, somebody else has already written a piece that is similar to what you have in mind then change the angle of your post. If a guy wrote 12 ways to improve your writing skills, then write instead of how to write 2000 words an hour or 8 tips on how to increase writing productivity. Minor tweaking here and there and voila you have your very own blog post that is helpful to others that Google will love. An online tool that I personally used to ensure that I don’t unintentional publish duplicate is WA website content. It is an added feature of WA my hosting platform

Here when I press publish button, the content platform checks my content for any duplicate content online. It warns me if my post is a duplicate or closely related to someone else’s post before it actually publishes my post. Therefore, I avoid getting penalized by Google. Believe me, you don’t want to be on Google’s bad side.

Another point I want to make about plagiarizing, it’s not only the written content that you should not copy also the images. Do not simply copy someone else’s image without written consent, or face legal consequences. Simply just mentioning where you get your image will not do. Better use royalty free stock images, there are a lot of free and paid stock image sellers online. Another feature of the Site content platform is the free stock images that you can choose upon when you need image just click the image button

3. Nonuniform theme

You have to have a uniform theme throughout your site. If your site is about golf post stuff related to golfing don’t wander to another subject because it will turn readers off. Have you ever been to a blog that talks about bowling then all of a sudden the author shifts it focuses on a totally different subject? It is a major turn off, you will lose readers really fast. The point here is stick to your niche.

4. Cluttered website.

The one is more related to focusing too much on money making. You got into blogging to make money, point taken but please don’t litter your site with ads left to right with popups that block the screen. People went to your site for the valuable content, not the ads. Have you ever experience reading post and in the middle of your reading a popup blocks the screen promoting a product? It is a turn-off if you’re going to post ads do it sparingly.

5. Not having an audience persona

Audience persona is a profile of your ideal reader.having an audience persona gives direction to your blog. The way you write your headlines and blog openers are dedicated to your audience persona. Not doing so will render your blog ineffective. Trying to everyone to your blog and you end up attracting no one. Having a vague idea who your future customer is useless. It is not enough for you to cater to professionals. You have to be specific. Targeting 25-35-year-old married guys working in the manufacturing business who is interested in making money teaching people about there skills is a better way and gives you a sense of direction.

6. Unclear goal.

Having too vague and unrealistic goals is a sure way to blogging failure. Making money is too vague, blogging about fitness is too vague. Making money selling affiliate subscription by teaching men in their thirties how to improve their writing skills is a solid goal. Posting tips on how to solve time management problems of busy young professionals age 27-35 and earning commissions thru each purchase is another example of solid goals. Without clear-cut goal setting your blog is like a ship without a compass, there’s no purpose. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

S-Specific, M-measurable, A-Achievable, R-Relevant, T-Timetable

7. Wrong mindset

  • Avoid wrong mindsets like
  • blogging is easy money
  • You can make $10,000 in a very short time
  • blogging is only for the super smart
  • I am not good enough to blog
  • Blogging can be 100% automated

These are just some many limiting beliefs that have held back people from reaching their dreams. The problem here is in the mind and until these deep-seated beliefs are uprooted from the subconscious. Believe me, you will not get anywhere or in any field for that matter.

8. Not asking for help.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some could write an awesome post in one sitting. Some are gifted on the technical aspect. But there is no one that can be called the complete package, who can do it all. And instead of wasting your time and 1000s of dollar enrolling to a program just so you could code when you could just ask someone else(outsource)better than you on the technical aspect to just do the job instead. Don’t let pride get in your way. If you don’t know how to code ask a programmer, if you don’t know how to design ask a web designer. There are many outsourcing sites out there, you have Fiverr and Upwork to name a few.

9. Not investing in paid hosting

Yeah sure, you can host your site in free blogging platforms like blogger and tumbler. But who do you think is going to take you seriously? Not to mention it’s hard to monetize sites in those platforms. Think long term my friend, Yeah sure fees for paid hosting like WA(WealthyAffiliate)or Bluehost will pile up over time but you can earn it and more through commissions. Plus you own your site.

10. Not investing in personal growth

When I mean [personal growth I mean knowledge acquired reading and watching tutorials. Not spending money on learning every day about blogging stifles your growth as a blogger. Don’t limit yourself to what you learned through free materials. enlist to amazon kindle and read ebooks about blogging. enlist to amazon audible and listening to audio books. enlist to WA(WealthyAffiliate) and read the tutorials. Never regret spending money enriching your knowledge base. knowledge is the key to success. All successful bloggers know this.

11. Making the blog all about you.

I get it you own the blog it’s supposed to reflect you when someone you know steps into your blog he or she will immediately know it so totally you. Well sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not for you, it’s for your target audience. They are the main reason why you started your blog in the first place to solve their problems. After all, these people will be your future customers, so would it not be fitting to make them the core of your blog.

In my conclusion, these are just some of the many mistakes to avoid. I wrote this post in an effort to help newcomers to blog and advise them based on my year as a blogger. I hope you liked my post. Feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on G+

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11 Blogging mistakes to avoid

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