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Over the months, since I started into online marketing, one serious problem that I realised.How do you generate traffic to your website? Massive traffic that is!And what I mean is not in hundreds not in thousands but tens of thousand.In order to make a website profitable.   I made a lot of research and found out you have to promote your site.and how do you promote your site you may ask? Thru social bookmarking!

Social bookmarking is extremely popular with marketers in every niche.  Social bookmarking sites such as reddit, allow users to add links to sites they like and other visitors can grab those links and add it to their own lists, making your URLs go viral.

Social bookmarking sites can be great for getting traffic to your own domains.  You can bookmark your sites yourself and then hope others will share the links and in some cases vote your entries up like Digg users will do. Just like what they do on Google + and Pinterest.

If enough people vote for a certain story, it might make it to the front page of that bookmarking site.  A front-page listing can mean thousands of visitors a day.  But because of the very nature of social bookmarking sites, if you want to get a lot of traffic from the bookmarking sites themselves, then you have to make sure that the links you submit are newsworthy – not just your sales pitch page.

Use the news to work your site into the bookmarking bevy of links. Let’s say to example – let’s say you’re in the gardening niche and you have a site on growing tulips. A simple how-to site may not get shared a lot.

But let’s say you read an article about a the discovery by a group of scientists that says people who grow tulips in their yards are 60% less likely to develop lung cancer, then you’d have a pretty decent shot at having a lot of users in both the gardening and health demographic share your links with others.

If your sites tend to be less newsworthy and more general, then you shouldn’t worry about how many people vote for a story or share your links.  Just concentrate on using the social bookmarking sites to gain backlinks to your sites.

Concentrate on bookmarking the index page of each of your sites first.  Be careful not to bookmark too many of your own sites at first, since that can appear spammy – remember to bookmark other interesting sites you see that you don’t necessarily own yourself.

The key to social bookmarking is to become part of the community who shares interesting information. Create a good profile that tells a little about you. Add a picture, and if the site offers it, start building a “friends” list.

Be careful about how many links you add per day.  You shouldn’t go crazy and add 100 links the day you sign up to a social bookmarking site.  Keep it to ten or less per day and you should be fine.

After you’ve been a user for several weeks, you might be able to get away with up to 50 per day.  Just make sure to keep bookmarking stories on other websites.  Vote for a few of the stories that made it onto the first page.  Bookmark a story at every once in a while, or a funny YouTube video.  This helps make your profile look a lot more legitimate in the eyes of the community.

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