Do You Have to Spend Big Money to Make Money?


            Do You Have to Spend Big Money to Make Money?

                             The short answer is, “No.” You can effectively launch an Internet marketing career without breaking your bank account. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, which does cost money, but we’re assuming you have those two components already.

                          Many marketer has gotten his or her start as an affiliate marketer. Aside from shuffling around in your attic to find something you can sell for a profit on eBay, affiliate marketing is your best bet for a zero-dollar start-up business in the Internet marketing industry.

                All you need is a free ID that you can get on PayDotCom, Amazon, Commission Junction, LinkShare, or ClickBank (to name a few), and the ability to learn about free traffic sites and you can begin generating an affiliate income without investing a penny of your own money



           With as little as 100 dollars you can have yourself a good education buy yourself a domain get it hosted ,build a website, and launch your online business. Most of your content you can do yourself will alot of creativity, patience and hard work you can have your site up and running. Click on this link to get yourself the best education you can find online marketing.


             That said, it’s best if you save a few dollars here and there to invest in some tools that are going to make your Internet marketing efforts a whole lot easier. For instance, you could sit around and brainstorm for five days to get a list of keywords – or, pay for a one-day subscription to Jaaxy and harvest thousands of keywords in less than an hour.





                      You could also use nothing but web 2.0 social sites that are free, such as Facebook or Squidoo, to host your content and affiliate links. Or, you could pony up the $9.95 one-time fee for a domain name and $6.95 a month for hosting and have your own business presence on the ‘net.


You can also spend days and weeks searching for information about how to do a task that will help you make money as an Internet marketer – such as how to master pay per click advertising.


Or, you can invest in a step-by-step guide t shorten your learning curve. What most marketers suggest is to take a look at your budget and see what you have to invest. If you have to start out with nothing, go for it – but set aside a few of your profits to pour back into your online efforts.



Everything you’ll invest in is built to ease your workload and hasten the procedures, so your income will increase faster and with less input from you as you learn to wield these tools in your favor.For me the biggest investment you could make in this business is not money but your emotional capital that burning desire to make it big in online marketing

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