Do’s and don’ts


If you want to succeed in the field of affiliate marketing there are certain things that you have to remember


  1. Focus on your target niche or topic-Stick to your niche, post articles that are related to your topic.Keep your article within the boundaries of the scope of the subject, or else risk losing followers.Pick products to promote that also related to your niche, choose those that are relevant.
  2. Always publish compelling content-Create content that gives value or solves problems of your viewer.Make engaging content to keep followers coming back for more.It’s one of the key ingredients of a successful blog.As the saying goes content is king and will forever be.
  3. Be careful on placing your links-Put links to where it will be relevant.Make it easy for your viewer to navigate through your site via affiliate links.Remember not all viewer are created equal not all have the patience to read through the end of an article to find your link.
  4. Always be patient-Blogging is just like any other business.It take’s time and patience on your part.It takes months of continual writing, testing evaluating and trying out another version of your site in order to fit out that perfect fit to attract new viewer and to keep old ones.
  5. Be proactive-Take responsibility for your blogging don’t expect that someone or something is going to drop by and do something for you in order for you to succeed.And don’t expect that Google is going to do something as well for you to rank in it index.


  1. Don’t spam people.This is a complete NO-NO.All pick the appropriate time and place to post your link.And make sure to send people email after you get their approval.Normally you could do this with a good opt-in form.
  2. Don’t focus too much on the sale.-People will start to be turned off if all you ever post are ads. Instead, focus on helping first sales with will come in due time.
  3. Always abide with the affiliate’s term of service.-I could never stress this enough always read the terms of your agreement with your partner.Don’t risk hurting the goose that lays the golden eggs.
  4. Get rich quick mentality-If your goal is to be rich as quickly as possible then this business is not for period!.This takes time and huge amount of effort and that kind of mentality will surely lead you nowhere.
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