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Hi, I am Joseph, I have always been fascinated with passive income ever since I have read rich dad poor dad book by Robert Kiyosaki.Before all I know is active income.Active income is ok it’s just that active income is equal to the number of hours you put in.That’s fine but as we get older as the years go by our body is not as strong as it used to be.It’s not that fast, anymore.what I can do 10 years I can’t do it quite the same and it will get worse as the decades pass by


Another thing is active work is just like fetching water using a bucket, You can only get a limited amount at any given time.No matter how hard you try, your output will be limited.There’s only so much that your two hands can do.But with passive income, your income potential increases exponentially.Instead of fetching water with a bucket why not make a well or a pathway where water will flow to you right?That’s when I decided I will find ways to have passive income.I made a lot of research and as it turns out there are a lot of people like me, People who want to have a second income something part time, Something that can be left behind because we have a full-time job So I started this website


I made a lot of research and as it turns out there are a lot of people like me, People who want to have a second income, something part time, Something that can be left behind because we have a full-time job.The problem is where to look for?Yeah! sure there’s property rental income duh! but who has a tonne of money to buy property these days? Then there are dividends from stocks, Yes it’s cool but then other than having a tonne of money you have to invest years to have a portfolio that can generate a decent income.


So how do you make money online?

  1. Write and sell and sell an ebook- this one is the most common means of making passive as the residual income generated from the sales of the book continues years after the ebook have been published.This one takes a lot of creativity on your part.The key thing here is to write what people wanted not what you think people can sell your ebook on amazon’s Kindle program or apple’s iTunes
  2. Sell audio book-The next step when you have published your ebook is to make an audio book version of it and sell it on audible.Recent studies show that there is an increase in sales of audiobook as people are becoming more visual in their preferences.You can hire a professional when making your audio book.
  3. Create an app.This one requires a lot of technical skills.But this one is one of the best sources of passive income.It does, however, needs a  great deal of time and money at the beginning.Get a professional to assist you in making an app.But before you do any of this you have to come up with a killer idea, one that would catch the attention of people. In short, one that sells!.Do your market research in order to come up with the right app
  4. Post jobs on upwork or Odesk-If you have experience on writing, web designing, search engine optimisation, blogging, graphic designing, you better try this out.It will be difficult from the start but over time coupled with great reviews from the previous client and you’re on your way to the top.
  5. Rent your home on Air bnb.-It is a simple way of making money online without needing much capital.It will not make you rich but it could generate you a moderate income if in the right place.And if you live in a sought after place that people go to spend their vacation then all the better!Research other listing on Airbnb on what is the regular rate for renting out your place.It will be hard at the beginning especially without reviews.But over time as you take care of your customers and provide value.Eventually, reviews will start coming in
  6. Blogging-This take a lot of time and effort but over time the one that generates the most passive income.It take time and base on my own experiences takes months-years to develop a readership.That’s why in building a blog pick a niche or topic that you’re most passionate about.And this is where my site will be focusing about.

I believe in order to make it big in this industry one must have a good education, Just like anything else if you don’t know how to do the job then how are you going to be good at it?It has to be systematic, One step should lead to another important step.If you seriously consider making a living out of online marketing and get started right away then click on this link




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