How to Find a Great Product to Promote






First, decide what type of product you’re interested in promoting for the promotion you’re doing right now. If a physical product suits your goals for now, you might look for a product to promote on Amazon. Or perhaps you want to promote something on ShareASale or Commission Junction.


Browse around. Look at the affiliate networks you’re already approved for. If you’re not already approved by relevant affiliate networks, like those mentioned above, then you may want to preemptively apply for approval. Most affiliate networks require you to already have a website to apply with, so you can submit your current website or quickly create something with WordPress. Most of your affiliate promotions will likely stem from your website so that will help you get that out of the way so you can then freely start promoting.


Keep in mind that some affiliate merchants might check out your website or blog before giving their approval, so it should be ready to be viewed. That doesn’t mean you have to have a ton of content on the site, but it should certainly be more than the default “Hello World” post that WordPress starts you off with.


You can do a simple Google search. Search for the type of product you’re interested in promoting along with “affiliates” or “affiliate program.” Try different keyword variations until you find what you’re looking for. Sometimes, you’ll find great, high paying products you can be an affiliate for that are high converting but not at all saturated because not as many affiliates know about them as compared to a product on Amazon.


If you’re interested in promoting a digital product, then you might search through products found at places like or There are many digital product based affiliate programs out there.


Just as you can with physical products, you can search for digital products you can be an affiliate for. Search for keywords related to your ideal product along with “ebook” or “course” or whatever it is you’re interested in.


Write down the products that interest you. You might even come across some services that interest you and are available for affiliate promotion.


If you haven’t already, apply for the various products and networks that interest you. You’ll want to apply early because it can sometimes take awhile for approval. In the meantime, you can apply your list of criteria so you can make the final decision as to what you want to promote.



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6 thoughts on “How to Find a Great Product to Promote

  1. A very well thought out page. Unusual formatting, and at first I wondered why, but as I read through the page I found it strangely appealing. Nice use of pictures and well thought out article.

    I’ve recently applied to CJ and Awin and was worried because I don’t have a lot of content yet (although I’m working on that). I wondered if I might be refused as a result, so it was comforting to hear that this may not necessarily go against me a new webmaster.

    Thanks for a great article.


    1. Hi claire

      Thanks for the comment,i really appreciate it,comments like this really inspire me to work harder on putting good content on my site

  2. Hello Joseph

    Good informative post, but I feel you need to shorten it as you will loose many visitors, due to its length, pick out the relevant material and loose the rest. We as humans are very visually orientated and need to be stimulated with a mix of words and pictures, your text overbears your pic.
    Your core information is good and usable, but it is hidden in Jargon.
    This is meant as constructive criticism to aid in improving your future posts.

    All the best


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