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how to start a blog using wordpress



I started blogging last April 2017, I was looking for other ways to make a living and I said why not try blogging? and thanks to my web hosting platforms, things were smooth for me. My Web host provided me with the step by step knowledge and guided me through the basics of blogging. I really thought that blogging was for the people with computer science background, not really. So after a year of blogging, I made this easy to follow how to post on how you too can get started in blogging

Why start a blog anyway?

There is much reason why to start a blog on the personal growth aspect, but practical-wise here are the main reason why

1. Make money

There are many ways to make money through blogging, you can do it through ads, affiliate marketing, promoting your own product. Blogging can be a source of side income or even full income if done right. Click here to view a video about making money through blogging


2. No fixed schedule

unlike you regular 9-5 job where you have a fixed set of time, writing a blog post and doing stuff related to maintaining your blog, does not require you to have an exact schedule. You can keep your day job and blog during your off work hours and weekends.

3. Location independent.

as long as you have an internet connection. Location is not a factor. You can maintain your blog.whether you are in the comfort of your home or in the cafeteria of your firm. At your favourite cafe or even in the gym while taking your break in between sets.

4. You can promote your product globally

If by any chance you have a product either physical or intellectual why not build a blog to promote it. You can make a website related to the genre of your skill or product. Fill it with helpful content and promote your product on the side. You already have helped people with their problems you earned cash on the side. It’s a win-win. And since the internet is global you can reach people beyond your community city and country.


Just think about it, if you worked hard enough and long enough and make a steady readership to your blog. Your blog could be a viable source of passive income. You could make a living without ever relying on a typical 9-5 job. No boss, no fixed schedule, no more worrying how you are going to keep your salary until the next payday. You are not tied on a fixed place, you could move anywhere you want to. You have freedom, freedom from living paycheck to paycheck, You are free to choose what you really like to do with your life. Just think about it.


Start a blog in 7 easy steps

1. Pick a niche

Niche in the term online marketers used to refer to a specific portion of a market that you are targeting. Having Too vague of an idea of what to blog about will get you nowhere the blogosphere is vast and you have to have that laser-focused on what to blog about and to who you are targeting. I made a blog post specifically for this purpose you can check it out.3 steps in finding what to blog about.

2. Select a blogging platform

There are actually several other blogging platforms, there are,, Blogger , Tumbler, WIX, etc. Each has their own strength and weaknesses. But personally, I recommend because of

  • Ease of use – people with no computer background will find it very easy to use
  • Customization -users will find an array of themes both free and paid to choose from not to mention 10,000s of plugin that add function to your blog
  • Ownership – With you have 100 % ownership of your site.unlike blogger and tumbler which add.blogspot at the end of your domain name.

3. Pick a host

Right now I am assuming you already have picked as your blogging platform. But if you don’t, I seriously advise you to reconsider, honestly, it is your best choice. To be clear though WordPress is just a software, an application. If you load it to your computer, it will run but only you will be able to see your blog. In order for your blog to be online, you need a SERVER SPACE, a place in the net where you will save your blog, and be accessible online. You will need a hosting company that will “host” your server space.

So what company do I use?

I recommend a hosting company called WA(Wealthy Affiliate),I have been using this platform for a year now. It is because of the training tutorial they provided at WA that my entry into blogging was a smooth process. Check out my WA(Wealthy Affiliate) Review

Disclosure: This guide to starting your own blog contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a service through one of these links I may earn a small commission, this is at no extra cost to you.

Click here->>> Sign up to WEALTHY AFFILIATE and try their free 1-month trial <<-get started with your blog


Step 3.1. Sign Up for their free 1-month trial version click here

Once you already signed up just follow the steps


Step no.3. 2 Click on websites

This is where you start building your very own websites. Trial members get to have a limit of 2 websites. But premium members get to have 25 siterubix websites and 25 self-hosted websites. The advantage of the self-hosted web hosting

  • You have full ownership of the website
  • For siterubix website, the domain name will at the end
  • Self-hosted websites look professional
  • Site Rubix website is ideal for personal blogs and hobbyist


Step no. 3.3 Click on Domains

Domain name is your web address that people will type in order to search for your website on the internet. Examples of domain names are,, Mine is I have made a blog post dedicated to picking your own domain name, be sure to check it out.

Enter the domain name of your choice on the box above. Be sure to have a second option domain name, because you may never know if the name you pick is already taken. Site Rubix platform will provide you with other options similar to the domain name you picked if the one you liked is unavailable.


4. Pick a theme and design your blog


4.1 Click on Appearance

then a pop-up menu will show

4.2 Click on Themes


4.3 Your blog will have preloaded themes you could choose from.

4.4 Click on the circle

Add new themes, if any of the preloaded themes will not do


4.5. Tweak your blog

Right now you already have a fully functional working website woohoo!. But before anything else, I recommend you to do some minor tweaking

4.5.1 click on websites

This is where most of the website building-related functions are located.

4.5.2 Click on-site manager

This is where the admin section of your website(s) will be found. This is where you could get access to your blog(s) and subdomains.

You will get to this menu, this is your admin area, this is where you access your blogs, just scroll down, until you get to the site plus menu


When you get to the site plus menu, Swipe to the left all options

Sitespeed -boosts your website speed, Google is requiring to all websites to have a certain loading speed in order to be registered in their so this is important

Site SSL-SSL (Security Socket layer are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed, it activates the padlock and the HTTP protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. It provides two things


1. Security for the user-gives the user a peace of mind that their data is safe from malicious software and entities

2. Google is stringent with their security and having an SSL is a plus where their bots are crawling your site.


Spam blocker-Plugin spam blockers won’t just cut it, spams still get to our site clutters our blogs and slows our site’s performance. Spam blocker blocks automated spam on the server level making it faster better.

Now you have a website, then what?

The next step would be studied as much as you can from the lessons on WA and read my other articles


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How to start a blog using word press

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