How to Start Your Blogging Journey for Passive Income



                         How to Start Your Blogging Journey for Passive Income





Maybe you have heard several times that you can make money from online. Also, you will hear from different people that you can make it as passive income. Though there are various ways to start making money online, the best method that you can follow is creating your own blog. There you can do whatever you want. Once you have traffic to your site, you can do anything. There are different methods that you can apply to your site to earn money. But the most profitable way is affiliate marketing. However, here I am giving a detailed guideline how you can start from the scratch.

So What is Blogging?

Well, blogging is just like writing in your diary or in a newspaper. But the difference is, here you will do everything in online. You need to write articles on your website. There are different Content Management systems that you can use for starting your blog without any hassle. The most popular CMS is WordPress where you can make any website.

Is Blogging Difficult for Newbies?

Not at all! If you research enough about your topic and create valuable contents, it will be easy for you to get more traffic. Learn each step of creating a blog from scratch correctly, and it will be no more difficult for you.

What are the Requirements to Start A Blog?

If you already have decided to start your blogging journey, the first thing you need for blogging is a domain name. There are different platforms where you can purchase a domain name even with $1. After registering your domain, you need to host your domain with a premium hosting. This will ensure that the visitors to your site can access it easily. Based on your requirement of data and audience size, the pricing will vary. If you’re interested and want to have a feel of what it’s like to blog just click on this link and sign up!

Once you have setup the domain and hosting, now it is the time to design your website. If you have selected WordPress as your blogging platform, you can quickly develop your site with a premium theme. After preparing the site and doing all the other things, you are now ready to start blogging.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income means earning from somewhere with the one-time task. Though nothing is passive at all, but after completing a perfect blog with popular articles, you can make money passively. You need to monetize your site to earn money. If your blog is popular, you will earn without any extra effort. The money will come automatically.

On Which Topic Should You Write?

The topic in which you are going to write is known as the niche. If you want passive income, you need to choose a profitable niche. A profitable niche means where many people have interest and you can generate traffic. For this, you need to find some popular keywords. Keywords mean with which term people search on different search engines. If you can find some profitable and low competitive keywords, you can earn more money with less effort. There are various methods to choose a niche and keywords. If you are new with niche selection, you can take some expert help. And the best thing that you can do is following the Earn Passive Income Online. Here you will get everything that you need for blogging and generating passive income with your blog.

How to Get Traffic?

To get traffic for your website, you need to do Search Engine Optimization for your blog. This is the best method to get organic traffic. And organic traffic is the main material to get passive income. You need to know each thing about SEO.

How to Earn Money from Your Site?

There are different ways to monetize your website. Some common and popular methods to monetize your blog are-

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to start making money. You need to join with an affiliate program. Then you can promote products of the affiliate program through your website to sell them. This can be anything that your audience will love. There are different affiliate programs you will find in online that pay a good amount of commission on each sale. You can write reviews about the product and then give an affiliate link from where your audience can buy the product.If you’re interested to find a reliable affiliate program just click on this link and read my review

  1. Selling Advertising

This is also a popular method to earn money with your blog. Different ad networks pay for the advertising. You need to place the ad on your website. If your audience views or click on that advertisement, you will get a revenue share. Among different ad networks, google Adsense is the most popular one.

  1. Selling eBooks

Based on your niche, you can write some eBooks to sell them to your audience. No matter if you don’t know how to write an e-book. You can get written an e-book by an expert. Just hire a writer to complete e-book and then sell them.

  1. Selling Your Own Products

You can also sell your own products with your blog. You can sell a variety of products based on your niche. You can even start drop shipping with your website. This is a popular method to generate passive income. Just connect your site with a drop shipping platform like Shopify and then sell products. However, this method requires enough skills. Also, you need to spend additional money for promoting products.

Which Method is Best for Passive Income?

Here I have shared four popular methods that you can follow to generate money from your blog. But the best way is affiliate marketing. Here you don’t need your own products to sell them. You can sell other’s products through your website. Also, most of the affiliate programs provide the necessary tools that you can use to make your money-making process smooth. Based on different platforms, affiliate commission can be up to 80% of the product price. That means you can generate massive money by selling other products. There are both digital and physical products that you can promote through your blog. So, this is the best method for passive income.

How much Money Can You Make?

If you have setup your blog accurately and you have a huge audience on your blog, you can make huge money from one website which you can’t imagine. Though the amount of income depended on different factors but based on the number of traffic and the commission ratio, it can be from $500 to $100,000 per month.

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