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How to write a bad ass blog post in


You just got into blogging. You are all fired up and excited of the feeling of something shiny and new. You learned how to do the basic functions in word press. You know how to write a post in word press. You know how to write, you have experience back in college writing essays and reports. But to actually write a post that is not boring? Something that engages readers and gets shares and likes. Something that is worthwhile and will entice you, readers. You tried and pondered for hours. You felt exasperated by how pathetic you writing is. So how do you write a kick-ass blog post that people will love? Let’s get into it, shall we?


1. Identify your topic

Pick a topic that means something to you. Something you are passionate about you don’t what to be stuck doing something that you are not interested. Believe me, you won’t finish it. You want writing to be fun not a chore. Pick something that is related to your niche. Then after you have identified your topic do you research. Nobody knows everything about something this applies to bloggers as well. You have to do your due diligence. You have to be familiarized with your topics. Keep your facts and data in check. Point out where you got your statistics and data. You don’t want people to think you have pulled out your data out of thin air.

Make a plan when writing your blog post.

You have to have set goals like

1. What is the purpose of the post?

is it to inspire?

is it to spur people into action?

is it to educate?

Write it down! A blog without a plan is like a ship without its course. Goals that are written are more like to be accomplished.

2. What are the keywords you are going to use?

Employ good SEO working practices and one of those are using a keyword. In order for your page to rank keywords are necessary always remember that!

Check out my keyword online tool JAAXY

3. What emotions are you trying to entice from your audience?

Words have a way of triggering human emotions, use it to your advantage!

4. What social media platform are you going to use?

Is it going to be Facebook?Instagram?Pinterest?

each has its own strength and weaknesses depending on you readers persona

5. What image are you going to use?

Like the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words

Pick an image that would help you convey your message better

Just make sure to optimize the image first before using it.

2.Define your audience

When writing a blog post you need to have focus. Being too vague will not help your cause. You need to be clear-cut with your goals. For example, having a goal of helping guys get more dates is too vague. Helping guys age 18-24 years old face their fear of rejection when approaching girls is way lot better! In order for your post to have a connection with your audience, you need to empathize. You need to be in reader’s shoes, You have to convince your readers you understand what they are going through. In short, you have to gain their confidence.

And the best way to do that is to create an audience persona.

Audience persona

is a profile what you would consider as your ideal reader. Making an audience persona is good especially when you starting out and don’t have an audience of your own.

The basic demographic composition

1. Age



But aside from the regular demographics, you have to tap into their psychology. You have to know what is their motivations their fears, what scares and frustrates them. Appeal to their emotions. You have to know what makes them tick.

You have to Identify their



3. Pain points


As time goes by when you are able to make a sizable following you could then make adjustments to you reader persona. By the time that you already have a following, you could base you reader persona on the general profile of your reader.

3. Create a killer title

You may be wondering why I said id start with the title? Because title serves as a guide to where you post should go. An excellent title lure’s people into reading you post Without a good title you writing will have no direction. It will leave you readers confused. They will leave your site and probably for good.

Characteristics of a killer title

1. It is sticky,

Your title must be memorable

It has to be something that people will remember even after 3 days

2. Triggers an emotion.

An excellent title should arouse an emotion in the reader. Triggering an emotion is what makes a so-so post into kpow! hit em on the lips’ attention-grabbing viral calibre post

3. Imply value

everybody busy and their time is precious, they have to know they are going to get something out of reading your post

it should answer the question of what’s in it for me

4.Emphatize with your readers

Your title should engage the senses of your reader.

It should make your reader feel it is written especially for them

4. Deliver you answer

There are points I would love to emphasize and those are.

Point #1 Do not deceive people

If you post is how to get 10k likes in 5 easy steps. Make it a point that all 5 steps is all about helping people get more like. Don’t make the first four about getting more likes but the fifth is an affiliate product.

Point# 2 Don’t over promise

Your post must; live up to its hype, if you under deliver people will lose trust in you or worse hate you

Point#3 Make it brief but to the point

Avoid fluff and include important details only

Point #4 The key is usefulness and value

The key to a success of a post is based on how useful the advice is. And how the audience will perceive the value of the post.

Point#5 Make it scannable

Readers want posts to be something they can scan in one pass.

Use ssubheadingto highlight a point.

Point#6 mention related post

If you have a post related to the subject now is the time to mention it

5. Conclude with a pep talk

As you conclude you post, motivate you readers into action. Highlight the point that its not going to be an easy process but assure them that if they follow you advice, everything will work out just fine.

Show them that you were once in their shoes and that you felt what they are going through right now. Show them that if you were able to do it so can they, change is within their grasp. But they have to act now!


6. Edit, edit and more edit!

Of course, after the dust has settled and the post has taken it primitive shape. It is now time for polishing you post. Just like making a rough figure of a slab of marble into smooth and beautiful work of art. Now is the time to refine your post into something like a masterpiece.

Check for the obvious

1. Grammatical errors



Grammarly will do this job just fine

Inject emotions into your post!

Read your post out loud and see where you can infuse emotion into your post. Highlight parts of the post where you want you audience to feel a particular emotion.

Basic emotions that you can tap into


Used to establish a connection with the reader. Just watch TV and you will see fear strapped all over its content


Best used to spur people to action


Used to make the reader feel secure


used to assure people that their decision is right and that they are in good hands


Sex sells just look how much cosmo is making a year through their publication


used to arouse curiosity and tease people into reading your post

Make sure that you provide your reader with smooth reading experience. Make it a point to make your post clear and concise from start to finish.

There are a lot of points that I have covered in this post. And I am sure by now you already said this is too much job for a post. And you are uncertain that you can follow all or any of what I have written But like a said at the title .6 steps. I did not say 6 easy steps

But follow my advice and practice.

You will be amazed at the result

The process of making a quality blog post is not easy but you get better over time

Just like anything else in life, nothing worthwhile is easy

It will take time and effort, but be patient.

Beautiful marble statues are not made in a day so are an awesome post.

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How to write a bad ass blog post in 6 steps

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