How to write an article that sells!


Today let’s discuss how to write an article that actually sells! really First, research your audience. Get to know your target demographics. Who’s most likely to buy the product you’re selling?  What do they really want? What are their feelings? What’s most likely determine their buying decision?


You can learn more about your audience on forums, social media, through blogs, and more. You need to collect intel. Get inside their head. For me, my target demographic are people who actively seeks passive income. This person is single fresh from college or still is in college and wants to earn money on the side while still be busy with their studies. And second are people who are married who wants to have a second income and can do it after office hours because they are busy with their full-time job.


After you’ve gathered some information, consider where you’ll be posting the article. The preferable way and the easiest it thru social media. Me personally I go to G+. It has all sorts of community that you can join and you get to pick which community suits you need.


In some cases, you’ll write two articles. You’ll write the more general article for the article directory and you’ll write the more specific, product focused, article for your own blog or website. You’ll link that article directory article or guest post article or whatever to your product review and specific pre-sell article.


For a more general article, choose a hot-button topic, problem, or desire the people in your niche have that directly relates to the product. You’re not going to specifically address the product at all at this point.



Write a great, attention-grabbing article title. A dull title is a complete NO NO. Write an introductory paragraph that’s filled with emotion , something that will get their attention. Give them great tips and hints throughout the body of the article. Trail off in the conclusion… leading them to your author’s resource box where they can click through to learn more about the exact product that will be the answer to their prayers.


By the way, that sort of article style is mostly geared toward the “problem/solution” type articles and products. If you’re selling a physical product on Amazon your approach will be a little different. If you’re at all confused or unsure, visit an article directory like and take a look at some of the top related articles there so you can get a feel for what others who are promoting similar things are doing.



When it’s time to write a specific product-focused article, you’ll introduce the problem people have, lead them to the product, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and guide them to the sale. You can give a call to action at the end for them to go and buy the product because it’s the best there is and will help solve their needs perfectly.


You need to include your affiliate link in your product review article, of course.  If you want to learn more how to create great content click on the link and read the article 9 ingredient that makes a great content.


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  1. Do you recommend some sort of training in writing good content?
    You’re post though have summarized all that is need to be done. But some just need guidance through all the steps.

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