Every now and then I come upon products and services.And some of them are worth taking note of some worth your time and money while some well let’s just say not worth a second look.And I realised why not make a list of a blog about them?Show the world about their advantage and disadvantages according to my point of view as a consumerI will show what’s good about it and what’s to avoid

I will categorise products into my GO list and NO GO list.When I include a product to my GO list it does not mean the product is perfect I’m still going to write what’s wrong with it or at least what I think the owner could do about it.My NO GO list is what I honestly think in my opinion should be avoided or at least for the mean time while the owner/s has not yet fixed what wrong with the product.This list will be continually updated.I think of this in my small way my public service.  

  GO list

1.WEALTHY AFFILIATE-(To check out my personal review click on the link)



4.CJ Publishing(formerly Commission Junction) 

NO GO List



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