Sales copy, could either make or break you!


                  Sales copy, could either make or break you


People sometimes, If not often fail to realise the importance of a good sales copy.It is the one thing that the audience will base their decision if they are going keep reading or researching about the product you are endorsing.In common conventional marketing, you could improve the look of the product, streamline it, make the adjustment and the audience could inspect it for themselves.And have a “feel” of it.But with internet marketing, your audience cannot do that.They will base their decision on what they will read on the sales copy.


Learning to write good sales copy isn’t something you can learn by reading a quick tutorial – it takes practice.But just like learning a new skill like riding a bike or driving you to start slowly.You get the hang of it after repetitions.Doing it over and over again until you have a  good grasp of it. Although you probably won’t turn into a world-famous copywriter overnight, there are a few tips you can use to increase the response from your sales letters.


The first thing you should learn is that the headline is (almost) everything.  If your headline is terrible – or worse – boring, most people won’t even read the rest of your sales letter.  A headline needs to be exciting, enticing, and intriguing.It has to ignite the imagination of your audience.


It needs to grab the attention of your visitor quickly. Your headline might have shock value, ask a compelling question, or be the beginning of an extremely interesting story.  “Six months ago, I was living on the streets of L.A., homeless after my Adjustable Rate Mortgage soared so high I couldn’t make the mortgage payments, but now I’m living in a sky-rise apartment twenty stories up that I paid seven figures for…”


This makes the reader want to know more – how did this person go from being destitute to being wealthy?  Good sales copy usually tells a story that the audience can connect with.  Copy ideally shouldn’t tell a fictional story, though.


You certainly don’t want to run into any trouble with the FTC or an attorney general with something to prove.  Good copy gives people a reason to keep reading.  If you tell an interesting, compelling story that’s somehow related to the product and how it will affect them, it will naturally appeal to your visitor.


Every single paragraph should lead into the next paragraph, drawing the reader further and further into the pitch.  Consumers usually buy based on emotion, and then they justify their purchase with logic.  They rarely buy based on logic alone.


They don’t buy a product because of the features – they buy because of the benefits it will provide to them, the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) factor.  If you’re selling a car, you can’t tell the buyer that it has Corinthian leather seats, ABS brakes, and a superior sound system.


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