Things to look for before hiring a writer


As your website grow, so is the demand for creating quality content.Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done.One good article can take as much as a day to make or even more depending on the available time of the entrepreneur.And it would be a very big help to a publisher if every now and then he would hire a writer to create content for him.But be wary outsourcing could be a double-edged sword.It could either make you or break you.That being said let me point out things that I think a publisher should consider when hiring  a outsource writer


  1. Experience-When hiring a writer ask him what is his previous experience in content marketing.Is he well experience on SEO, content marketing, branding, social media, Pick one that can do all, after all, your investing your hard earned money in this so make the full use out of it.
  2. Writing skill-ask for a sample of his /her previous work.It wouldn’t hurt asking for it.Professional writers will be more than willing to submit a sample of their previous project.
  3. Technical know how-There is so much technical aspect that happens online and offline and your outsource writer needs to be tech savvy.There are so many technical things to do and there’s so much technology out there that can have a long-term good effect on your business that you need to capitalise and you can only do this with a technically skilled writer.
  4. Long term thinker-When I tried up work I encountered many writers who think short term.Just because I am a start up low budget website doesn’t mean I will stay that way forever.Luckily for me, I met a writer who thinks long term and realises the importance of customer relationship building.I was honest with him and told him I am just a start up and he was nice enough to give a bargain price knowing the potential of me becoming a repeat customer.

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