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Just like a carpenter who needs his tool online marketers need tools which are indispensable in his line of work. I am new to this trade but here are my recommendation as to what I think is good to use. I’ve created this page to share the tools that I personally use.I hope people will benefit from my post

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. I recommend this product since I myself have been using this and I think that my fellow marketer will enjoy.I recommend this product for the benefit of the consumer and not because of the small commission that I will receive.

Top Recommendations

If I were to ask of what I personally use here are the list of my own tools

WealthyAffiliate. After spending and losing thousands of dollars on brick and mortar businesses I thought of searching for ways to make money online. I stumbled upon WA in 2017. I’ve decided to try it out since it’s cheaper than other affiliate platforms and I though I already lost so much what is 50 dollars but small money to me. I didn’t expect  Wealthy affiliate to be legit I thought WA was just kidding and after my money. They really will teach you how to do online business from scratch all you have to do is follow the teachings in the program. I cannot say WA has the best training program since this is the first and only platform that I have used. But so far it’s nothing but good experiences. Besides training, you also get support for an incredible community, support, free hosting, website builder and a lot more. Recently WA has made things a lot easier by offering a FREE starter membership. Check it out and see if it’s for you without taking out your credit card.What more could you ask for?.

All in one SEO pack – one of the most popular WordPress plugins. This plugin helps you manage your on-site SEO. I have tried different SEO plugins over the years and I feel as All-in-one-SEO is the lightest and simplest out of all of them.

Price: Free

Aweber- is probably the biggest and the most known email marketing solution out there. Click on this link to get 30 Days Free trial with this company.They offer a great product and amazing customer support.I made a discussion out of this and you can check it out


 Crowdfire-If you want to have traffic to your site you have to have a presence on social media.The more followers you have the more traffic there is to your site.And the more traffic the more prospects you will get to your product.That’s why I consider this an online marketers sidekick it made my social presence much easier to build.Click on the link to visit the site

JAAXY   -Have you ever made a blog and wondered if it’s going to help your site’s ranking?Then worry no more, this keyword research tool is indispensable in a marketers arsenal.When I was starting out in my platform there’s so much information and I was confused which niche to start.I was paralysed with analysis.This one literally saved me days of research and decision making.With a few click of a button, i was able to gather data that help me with my research.Click on this link for more information.


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