Ways to earn




There are numerous ways to earn money from the internet.

  1. Commission from affiliate membership-Affiliate membership sites like Wealthy Affiliate(WA) offers their member’s commissions each time they refer new members.For new referrals a person will earn around $4 but when that member upgrades to premium membership the one that refers earns around $11.As you can see there is money to be made and its created passively!.And that’s not all each month that new referral continues to subscribe to WA so too will the earnings of the one who referred be.And best of all its recurring income and passive!The key ingredient here is if and when you do get people to subscribe, you take care of them.You guide them just like what you would do to yourself if you were starting out.You will want people to succeed so that they will continue to subscribe.If your interested to learn more click on the link  
  2. Commissions from a product sold -Advertisers will pay 4-10% commission each time a viewer of your page buys a product from an advertiser that you are promoting.The key thing here is choosing your products to promote wisely.For each, i endorse 1 on 1 it’s a web hosting company based in the UK.They offer great web hosting packages.It has a high EPC or earning per click.Pick something that is sought out by people.What’s the use of selling a product that nobody wants?
  3. Pay per click(PPC)-.The key thing here is Quality content.The more quality content you produce as a blogger the more reason viewers will comeback to your site.The more views you get the more chances are that they will click on your ad.For example, bidvertiser will pay you 1 cent for each time a viewer clicks on my ads

a.Cost per click(CPC)- Advertising networks like Bidvertiser pay their member s a certain amount each time a viewer clicks on their ads posted on your website b

.Cost per mile(CPM)-under the pay per click system, sponsors will pay a fee for each 1000 views on your site.Depending  on how strong your  following, It could range from $0.1 -$2.

              c.Cost per action(Cost per action)-under this advertiser will pay publisher a fee each time a viewer do a specific action.It could either answer a questionaire.Interact with the ad.Fill out a sign up form






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