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You decided to make money online through blogging. And worked hard on building your site from the ground up. You spent months, even years to set everything into place. Now that you have followership, you realize now is the time to make money from your site. But you have any idea on how you will actually monetize your site? Don’t worry I listed below you options on how you can make money through your blog. Let’s dig in.


this is the most common way to make money online through blogging. The procedure is simple. You sign up for ads networks. When you, get in they will give you a code that you post on your site. You then drive traffic to your site like you normally do and when somebody clicks on the ad you get a fee. It’s that simple

There are 2 types of advertisement

1.PPC (Pay Per Click) ad

This is where you get paid a fee on a PER CLICK basis. In short no click no pay

2.CPM(Cost Per Mile) ad.

This type of ad where you get to be paid whether someone clicks on your ad but in terms of impressions (view) to you ad PER THOUSAND.

Advertising networks

1. Google Adsense

The number one choice for bloggers is GOOGLE ADSENSE network.ADSENSE has over a million advertisers. Google chooses the most relevant ad based on the browsing history of the user. Then Adsense posts the ad on the slot that you personally picked.which in turn yields to a high click-through rate. Not everybody gets admitted into the google ads program. But don’t worry there are plenty of other options for newbie blogger who didn’t get in to choose from


a joint venture of Yahoo and Bing. Traffic must come from the U.S., Canada, U.K.

3. Infolinks

One of the most popular PPC since the admission is short. It based its admission not on traffic but on content


one of the higher paying network but with a more stringent requirement.

5. Revcontent

Another PPC network that bases their admission on quality of content. Has a very small admission rate but have a high click-through rate.

6. Bidvertiser

Not so popular but admission is easy, but has a low pay per click fee.


can be used alongside Google Adsense ads. Ads depend on the keyword the user type to get to your site.

Joining the PPC network is your only option when it comes to advertising. You could also sell advertising space for advertising. The good thing about this is you cut the middleman. You get to set your ad rate, meaning more money for you. You could even do a sponsored post. Write a blog post then mention your sponsor just like when they do in commercials on TV.

Many people have made a lot of money with advertising the only problem is you need to have a lot of traffic, and I am talking in hundreds of thousands to make serious money. To be honest

2. Sell services

What better way to promote your services other than via your own blog. If you have a skill or talent why not build a website that is related to your skills build followership, then sell them your services. This is another way to make money online through blogging. You already have the supply(you skill) use your blog a content marketing tool to promote your skill to people interested(demand) to your skill. This is not a passive income generating means but is still is a lucrative business venture, something that should be taken into consideration.

You could do one, both or all of the following


If you have a lifestyle blog you can be a lifestyle coach. If you have a blog about excel spreadsheet, offer online coaching about how one can improve his skills on excel spreadsheet. The key here is immediate access to product or service that people need. People don’t need to sift through your content to find the solution. All they have to do is hire you


Why not offer you services in training people about a particular subject. If you, happen to be a fitness instructor, you can offer online training to your subscriber. If you are good at programming offer online training on programming. People make good money with this model.


Consulting is another popular way to monetize your blog. With these services, you can charge a certain fee per appointment. For example, you have a blog about copywriting. You could charge $35 for a Facebook video call discussing how a client could improve his copywriting skills.

4. Freelancer blogging/Ghostwriting

Some blogger finds another means of making money through their site by becoming a freelance blogger. They offer their writing skill to their followers. The advantage of freelancer blogger is they know how the audience thinks in a particular niche. Freelance blogging is fast becoming a lucrative means of making money as businesses realized content is a good tool for marketing and generating leads.

5. Public speaking

If you, are good at public speaking and is an expert in a specific field, you could offer your services on your blog. You can be a guest expert on a discussion panel or podcast and charge a fee.

3. Live events

Hold a live event, either online or offline.


you can do a list of things such as


where you create a group chat and answer your follower’s questions and record it for later viewing for members who were offline.

2. YouTube live event

Hold a live event and stream it online via YouTube


1. Do live events

Promote a live event on your blog weeks in advance, the key here is preparation and research.


Promote a summit and sell tickets via your blog.


4. Affiliate Marketing

If you, don’t have your product or don’t have any skills to sell then the next option is to do affiliate marketing(sell other people’s product or service). Affiliate marketing is simple. Sign up for an affiliate network. And when you pass their screening they will give you options on which product to promote. Pick a product then start promoting. You earn a commission each time someone buys from your link. It’s that simple. It’s not going to be an easy promoting product but at least it’s legit. Something you can be proud. Best of all when everything is set it, it becomes automated.

There are 3 parts to affiliate marketing


This is could be the retailer, vendor owner of the product. This is the part where the product is created. This may be from as small as a soloprenuer to as big as a Multi-billion company. If you, happen to have a great product why not become a merchant yourself? Sign-up for an affiliate network as a MERCHANT. The key to being a merchant is to give ample commission rate. The bigger the commission rate the more active marketers will be in promoting your product or brand. Anybody can be a merchant as long as you have a good product to promote.

2. Affiliate marketer

otherwise, known as the publisher. The affiliate marketer promotes the product convincing people of its value. They can do this through reviews of the product or publishing content relevant to the product endorsed. The key here is only endorsing products you have tried yourself and you believe in. Your REPUTATION is at stake so be very careful. Don’t promote a product just because the product has a high commission rate, but rather because of the quality of the product.


the most important part of the affiliate marketing triad. Without the customer, there is no sale. No sale means no commission.

Our goal as an online marketer is to solve our customer’s problem, before anything else. We solve their problem then the cash will follow.

Top affiliate networks to choose from


the worlds the largest online retail

2.eBay partner networks

long known and respected network

3. ShareASale Affiliate window


5.Rakuten Affiliate network

6.CJ Affiliate






Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online especially if you are just a newcomer with a little experience under your belt.

Disclosure(As a longtime customer myself the link below is my affiliate link, I will earn a commission when you sign up to premium membership  at no additional cost to you)

If you like to learn more about affiliate marketing

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5. Promote your own product

If you have a product to sell, one of the best way to promote it is through your blog. You have an option of selling

1. Online products

1. E-books

One of the best sources of passive income, you work hard writing, editing, formatting and publishing your e-book, then sell it through your blog. Or if you like you could do the research what profitable niche out there and then outsource(let other people do the job) the whole book. All you have to do is promote it through your site And enjoy royalties for years to come. cool huh?

2. Online course

one of the best source of passive income as well. But is ten times harder to make then you regular e-book? But if you could pull off making an online course, you could be making 3x more money as well

3. Video tutorials

Pretty much like a membership site, you give away as much free info you can give to your readers then charge a fee for premium content in your site. The key is for you to have valuable content for your readers that they cannot get somewhere else.

4. Apps, software.

The internet is flooded with apps and software. You get dizzy with the number of apps to choose from. The key is to pick something that is already selling and improve it. Or better yet make a not reinvent the wheel. Why create a totally new one that you have no idea if it is going to fly.

The good thing about apps and software is you can outsource the creation. But beware apps can be costly. The last time I checked in Fiverr the cheapest cost for an app is around $300

The good part of selling (online product) info product is that overhead expense remains the same whether you sell 1 item or 1000 items. And you can sell the product over and over again, without additional cost

2. Sell physical product

Selling products through your blog is not exclusively for a digital product. You can also sell a physical product as well.

!. Sell physical books

Offer a print version of your e-books to your customer. Amazon CreateSpace allow you to print your book based on demand and ship it to the customer. The great thing about this is you don’t need to hold any stock and is relative. All you have to do is promote your products.

2. Sell merchandise

Add an e-commerce page to your blog. Promote products related to your niche. It’s free advertising to your product. Best of all you followers are already interested in the product you will be selling.

3. Course DVD’s

Pretty much like video tutorial but in DVD format. Edit your videos into neat and seamless DVD tutorial that a customer could navigate and select chapters to play.

For me, the best way to make money and earn it passively is through promoting your own product. You get to enjoy the whole profit and you are fully in control. For more information check out our video tutorial in WA(WealthyAffiliate)about making money online



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5 ways to make money online through blogging

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  • August 26, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    Hi Joseph! I came across your blog through the Boost Your Affiliate Blog Facebook group. I ended up surfing through a few of your posts, and came across this one. I am doing affiliate marketing. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about some of the software affiliate programs, like the ones you can sign up with at JVZoo, ClickBank, etc. I recently came across ClickFunnels. They offer 40% of sales (recurring commissions), so becoming an affiliate for them can be really lucrative. What do you think of their affiliate program?


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