The Wealthy affiliate review,my personal view at it


Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017   Company: Name: Wealthy Affiliate™ ==view website here

Type: Affiliate Marketing Owners: Kyle Loudon, Carson Lim


Starter Membership Cost: FREE  (No Payment Needed)  >Join now for free!

Premium Membership Cost: $49 Monthly  =>Join now and take the first step to you journey to success!

Yearly Membership: $359

RatingLegit (98.5/100)

StatusOnline Since 2005© Verdict: 100% Recommended!

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017

If you want to take responsibility for your financial future and do concrete step to change your life then continue reading this article

    Where can you find an affiliate platform where you get  a Top quality education. A continuous supply of learning materials.24/7 customer support and network. Plus a bonus of 2 free websites and get it all for free?, would you think it even exists?  do you think it’s too good to be true?   Well, I am serious when I said that it is all true, in fact, it is the most legitimate online marketing course which delivers result since 2005.


Before i signed up at Wealthy Affiliate i was approached first by some so-called online marketing guru offered me success if I followed his program for a price of course. At first, I took the bait but after buying his book and CD, which I thought is the total package.But after buying he sent me a link telling me if I am serious about my success I better buy his video tutorial program.It left a bitter taste with my tongue and I kind of felt ripped off. So I made my research of another online marketing network


WA is not the first affiliate platform that I have encountered.The first one I think is good but what really turned me off was the monthly subscription price. It was a bit steep so I looked for another.So there I found WA.What really got me in is the network of other members you can come across with in WA the first network didn’t have that. I not really the type of guy that uses hype so you won’t find much exaggeration in my article.I am still new to this business so my review is still quiet limited. But what I see is what I write no frills just honest truths.I cannot guarantee you will succeed in WA because I myself is not a success…not yet! But hey this is still is a business.And in business as in life, nothing’s for sure. The way I see it WA is a system, it depends on the user of the system, how he will use it. Which determines if he will make it big or not.


Wealthy Affiliate is the best opportunity for anyone really, whether You’re a newbie or an advance marketer.  Learn the step-by-step process of making a website, and study at your own pace at any place of your choosing. There are many members right now from many different countries who are members of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  Many have made great online businesses by using the knowledge that they have gathered from the system and have achieved great successes online.       Disclaimer: I will refer to Wealthy Affiliate within the paragraphs simply as WA.


Disclaimer: This is a simplified description of what I think is WA is all about.I am still a newbie so my review is still far from over. All I have written here is true no B.S. and its purpose is to inform people of what Wealthy Affiliate is and not because of the commission I will get from people who sign up


When Was Wealthy Affiliate Founded? WA was founded in 2005. The owners are two business professionals by the name of  Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. Kyle and Carson are from Canada.  They are very hands on within the community of WA and will help you out personally if you happen to get stuck on any lessons. Especially Kyle , he may not get in touch with you right away but give it a day or two.


What Is Wealthy Affiliate? WA is an online community where people learn how to make money online by referring people to a product or service (affiliate marketing).  You will learn the concepts of promoting any item online which will earn commissions for each purchase that is made through your site. All the education, tools, and resources will be provided for you to succeed and eventually start earning online income. It’s up to you on how you will use this tools. Which ultimately determine your destiny. I have been a member of WA from April 2017 .I may not be a success story , emphasizenot yet that is, but I am going to get there eventually. WA has over 5,000 members worldwide and is still growing.  The members are from all over the world and it keeps growing each and every day. WA teaches you the foundations of creating businesses online.   Once you have educated yourself, the next steps would be to build a website, learn how to drive traffic to the website and then earn commissions (revenue) from your traffic (visitors).



So what is Wealthy Affiliate?   Education Before anything else the first thing you should get is get educated.  WA is serious about you know all you need to learn in order to achieve success. The education you will receive is very relevant and current to the industry.  It will play a major role towards your online marketing success. Some of the lessons that you will learn includes:

Understanding How To Make Money Online.

Picking  the right  Niche for you

How To Build Your Own Website In Simple Step-By-Step Instructions   Getting your Websites up and ready  And Getting It Ready For The Search Engines

How To Find Content Ideas For Keywords – How To Write Quality Content On Your Website, Enabling It To Be Ranked In The Search Engines

Plus many more valuable education… The greatest pro within WA is the network of like minded individuals working I can say eemphasise how important all of this especially the search engine part.      

  Building Websites   This is where WA is going to teach you the step by step procedure on how to build a website.For those who don’t have a background on computers other than using it for surfing the net like i do.It will take a bit of practice but with repetition you will get the lesson eventually .   There is a free website builder called Site Rubix, which makes it super easy to build a website from scratch.But i recommend use this only for practice but if your ready to blog better to start with one of the 25 provided hosted website by WA   One thing you must know now is that without a website, you stand no chance of earning any money online.  It is the foundation of your business and it is most important. Every successful online marketing businesses that you see online starts with a website, there is no going around that.   In addition to having your own website, WA will monitor your site 24 hours a day with cutting edge technology, keeping you safe from computer hackers.Making your sleep better at night not worrying about a thing           Community The community of WA is very lively and helpful.  Each day you will find new members introducing themselves to the community, long standing members giving advice to new members leading them in the right direction.  You will be able to find your way around easily with a lot of help. The community is always active 24/7 since there are different time zones where someone will most likely be up online.  You can ask any questions as it relates to your business.  Just ask and someone will answer. That is a guarantee. A wonderful bonus within the WA community is that at times, the owners themselves will be present within the community chatroom.  They themselves will give you a direct response to whatever question(s) you may have.  To me, that is quite cool.  I don’t think you will find that too often with a lot of big establishments. You will be able to build some long standing business relationships with a total stranger within minutes.  Most of these people are successful millionaires in all different types of niches.     Success The success within WA is at a very high rate, there is a forum within WA that allows people to write experience about their own success stories and it has many unique stories of people achieving.This one i always do.Shouting out what i have done every now and then Many newbies read about the success of other long-standing members and get inspired to keep focussed on their business.Which i often do.It helps specially when you get into a slump and finding it hard to write.A quick read of success story of somebody in WA and it ignites that fire within me. There is no one person within WA who have achieved great success by having a get rich quick mentality.It doesn’t work that way.Not here not nowhere. All the members who are successful, work hard and long on their businesses, we all see great benefits when we stick to the tasks and most importantly TAKE ACTION NOW.   Once you are willing to take the step forward and engage in conversation with the people who already know how to create businesses and income online, you too will be on your way to some very great rewards.  The key thing is to surround yourself with success and you will be successful. We all understand how an online business is created, and we are going to help you create one.  You will be provided with the tools necessary for you to succeed, it is really up to you to convert the tools and knowledge into action so that you may be a great success story that others will someday be inspired by.    


Start NOW For FREE ($0)


Are There Any Negatives Reviews About Wealthy Affiliate? You may think that I am giving WA a partial review because I am a  member.  I assure you that I am not.  I have searched first before signing up to find out if there are any negatives but so far i don’t find any.. The only con that I hear some people mention is that the lessons may be a bit too long and that there are so much information coming from left and right Take a break when you think that you are experiencing any information overload. No.  They do a great job in providing answers to the questions that you may ask, but they are not absolutely pinpoint in their delivery.  That is why each year they change their algorithms so that the user will have a better experience each time he uses the network.

Free Starter Membership WA is free to join but there are restrictions for people from the following countries:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. India
  4. Nigeria
  5. Pakistan
  6. Philippines
  7. Vietnam

Members from the listed countries are welcomed to join the premium membership when they so desire. The reason for these exclusions is because of the high level of frauds and scams that happen to come out of these countries.  WA does take scams and frauds very seriously, there is a ZERO tolerance towards this, it helps the community to stay safe and secure. I am not saying that all members of the above countries are involved in scams, I am just letting you know that some people from these various countries have been found to be guilty of this crime. For people elsewhere in the world, no payment information will be needed unless you decide to upgrade to the monthly premium membership, which contains a whole lot of value to help you scale your business.        

What’s Included In The FREE Membership?

  • 10 Free Lessons, which has a rating of 9.5/10 stars
  • Website Backup
  • Two Free Websites
  • Live Help ( First 7 Days)
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Affiliate Program (Refer anyone and earn $)
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching (For 7 Days)
  • Free Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Research Tool (30 Free Searches)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training(First phase

I would recommend the free WA membership for anyone who is just starting out and would love to know the basics to earning money online.   The premium membership at WA is  $49 per month which works out to be $1.52 per day.  This membership is recommended for people who are double serious about having a business online and are going in for the long run .  The benefits are triple-fold when you compare it to the free starter membership. The chart below will explain to you the major differences between the free starter membership and the premium membership within WA:   Most members within the community of WA (myself included) do take full advantage of this opportunity given.  We realize the incredible value that comes with the premium package as this is something that you do not often see online. Trust me, this is a very rare opportunity.  No wonder why so many people upgrade within a few days to really leverage the system. Still, there is never a pressure to upgrade.  There are no tricky salesmen behind the scene who pressures you to upgrade to the premium package. Ultimately, you will be the one to decide when you are ready to take your business to a much higher level. Please refer to the chart below to see the comparison between the free membership vs premium membership   Pros:

  • Step-by-step Tutorials, Courses, and Video training
  • Beginner or advanced, Get all levels of training
  • Clear action plan for the members
  • Build your own website through free and easy-to-Build Websites offer
  • Absolutely free membership for the new members
  • Best available hosting service
  • Over 10,000 active members
  • State of the art help center for interactive & live assistance by the expert members
  • Highly interactive and spam free learning environment


  • The presence of too much information available online may turn out to be overwhelming for the members. Moreover, Wealthy affiliate offers a step-by-step training mechanism, which may cause a distraction for the learners.
  • The live chat portal is addictive, as the members may not help themselves by indulging into Live Chat with other members. This takes them far away from the learning process, as most of the time is spent in having a chitchat.
  • Advertisement or selling of a product is not allowed within Wealthy Affiliate. This restriction is imposed to ensure scam-free environment and keep spammers away from the online community of wealthy Affiliate.
  • Beginner membership is good for newcomers. However, in order to get upgraded training and learning facility, you need to spend some amount for obtaining premium membership.


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